4-Part Tele Class Series

Dates: August 8, 15, 22, 29

Time: 8PM Eastern

Materials Provided:

·        Workbook for each module
·        Exercises to practice between classes.





Module 1 – Scales of Reasons

In this class you will really look at the reasons for staying and the reasons for leaving. For many people, it is difficult to ponder this scale of reasons because as they begin to even think about it, a number of emotions flood in. Typical emotions are fear, guilt or fraudulence, when thinking about reasons for leaving. And typical emotions when thinking about reasons for staying are fear, confusion, and a sense of either stuckness or a sense of hopelessness.


In this class you will be able to recognize those emotions with a new sense of acceptance, and clear them from you path to a confident choice. Until you are able to openly explore the potential of going down either path of staying or leaving, what you’re destined to be left with is a sense of being trapped in the domain of indecision; or knee-jerk reaction to leave, in order to stop the pain.


Module 1 provides you with the tools and the guidance to explore both pathways, confidently and with ease.


https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTHm0iRMzaMxYfx98sheD30E5A3O1xxfrWnUW7S4SGJt-hfYg7iModule 2: Core Values Scan

In this class you will delve into the world of values. You will discover the values that most highly speak to you, and call to you. Often, we think we know what our values are, but for the most part this is a subject that goes unexplored.

This module lays out the tools for how to identify your core values. Then, once you identify your core values you will learn how to magnify them in your life, in your relationship or marriage, and, most importantly for yourself. You will learn how to allow your core values to guide you, step by step, through each action you take in your relationship, as you move toward making YOUR choice from the “highest” place – leaving you proud of yourself, and of others around you.


Module 3 – Match Your Values to your Reasons

In our 3rd class you will assess your Scale of Reasons through the lens of your core values. In this module you will be able to go through each reason for staying or leaving and discover how each of your core values gets to be illuminated, or not, when you honour each reason. Through interactive guidance and coaching, you will see a new perspective that will be very eye-opening, revealing something you hadn’t seen before.

Most important, you will be able to see your path begin to clear, and you will begin to see direction for yourself, your relationship, and your family.




Module 4 – Authentic Communication & Creating New Results

In Module 4 you will get trained in a new way to talk with your partner. On the heels of the previous three modules, you will add the tools to communicate in a way that your partner can really hear you, and where you can also really hear and understand your partner.

As you move toward making a final choice, having this foundation is critical, whether you stay with your partner or you part ways. This is the foundation that will support you in your relationship.

In this final session you will tie together all that you have learned and come away with a new level of confidence and ability to implement the steps.


Note: All sessions will be recorded. You will receive a copy of the each of the recordings after each class. This way if you cannot make a session(s) you will receive the recordings so you never miss out.



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